Something to wrap your head around!

– If I can overcome ANY problem then I have NO problem
– The bigger the problems I overcome, the bigger I become
– Don’t make problems smaller; make me bigger
– Everything is an opportunity to see what I am capable of
– Need to deliberately (and sometime gratuitously ) expand my comfort zone
– Every choice is a positive one – there are no wrong decisions just opportunities to learn and grow
– Growth mindset means we do not rely on our talents
– Everything can be improved and we are NEVER a finished product
– Ultimately – it’s cause and effect!

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan not the goal.
I was inspired by todays image. It got me thinking thinking about strategies and about the number of small business that I am working with right now. Having a goal is critical to moving any business or activity forward. But a goal without a plan to achieve it is equally as useless. I meet so many business owners and would be business owners who have either not taken the time to write down their goal or if they have, the layer of dust on it is so thick that it would trigger an asthma attack if it were to be lifted off the shelf.
Having a goal is so critical in business (in life). I have mentioned these two incredibly wise and powerful statements before:
1. For want of a vision, the people will perish,
This speaks of the need for everyone (staff and customers) to know and understand the vision.
Many years ago I had the privilege of leading a team to develop a project proposal for a new ICT concept in Government. Where I worked were teams of people delivering various aspects of IT and each team was to contribute a person to the project. As people joined the team, I took the time to personally cast the vision of why we were doing what we were about to do. I then gave each member a week to prepare a presentation on what we were doing. As an exercise, I got some push back but in the end, every ember of the team totally understood the goal and vision and their part in the delivery. If problems arose (and they did) they were happy all get in and solve the issue together. Ownership of the final deliverable was high. Everyone knew what part they played in the end result. They had personal buy-in. If you don’t understand or believe in what you do and why you do it, neither will anyone else. The power of buy-in is incredible strong when it comes to growing your business.
2. Write down the goal so that others may be able to run with it.
Apple’s Why is to “Challenge the status quo” Uber’s is “Transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone.”
Of themselves these statements are interesting but useless. The fact that they are written down and that the team has gathered around the battle cry speaks of a leadership who have created a vision that is written down such that the people can run with it.
These two thoughts lead me back to the need to have the goal and a plan to achieve the goal. The goal is the fixed point in the future that you are aiming at. The focus of your why. You need to have the plan to move towards the goal and where the plan is not working, we can have the tendency to want to change the goal to fit the plan. I hope you have someone in your business who will challenge you to lift your head and see the forrest rather than the trees. The Goal (Why) is what drives your passion. Change the plan to realise success, not the goal to fall short of the vision.
Coaching is a way to stay true to your goal and adjust the plan to realise the goal rather than sacrificing the vision (why) at the alter of delivery of the plan.

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When General Robert E. Lee was asked by Confederate US President Jefferson Davis to give his opinion about a certain officer, he gave a glowing report. One of the officers in attendance was amazed at his words and said to Lee, ‘General, do you know that the man of whom you speak so highly to the president is one of your bitterest enemies, and never misses an opportunity to criticise you?’ Lee said, ‘Yes, but the president asked my opinion of him. He didn’t ask for his opinion of me.’ It takes character, compassion and courage to speak well of a critic. But when you do, three good things happen: (1) You increase your own value. You show you’re able to rise above criticism by bestowing praise on another. (2) You defuse your enemy’s criticism of you. When people hear your praise of a critic and their disdain for you, their respect for you rises and they see you in a different light. (3) People see you as fair-minded and generous. It takes very little effort to respond in kind to a critic, but it takes Christlike character to turn the other cheek and bless them. Word for the Day.

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